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In the eye of the storm

Typhoon Mangkhut


On Sunday 16th September Hong Kong was at the mercy of Typhoon Mangkhut - a superstorm that muscled its way into our lives after wreaking death and destruction in the Philippines. For several hours the entire population was housebound by a number ten signal typhoon. We sat terrified in our storm-battered flats exchanging videos and photos of destruction. The exchange terrified us as much as the storm. When it was finally safe to venture outside, the scenes of devastation were heartbreaking. Trees were uprooted everywhere, windows were smashed in, scaffolding had collapsed, streets were flooded. One week later my walk down from work along a public right of way makes me feel like I am Indianna Jones. I am leaping downed trees, ducking under fallen trees and fighting my way through branches. Pavements are impassable in places as they are covered with destroyed foliage. I love to swim and have just been able to start again now they have finally removed all the downed trees from my pool. I've experienced typhoons before, terrible ones included, this one was the stuff of nightmares.

Our front door after the typhoon.

Outside our building, someone's golf cart imprisoned in branches.

The buildings across from my house. Fallen trees everywhere.

Well established trees with large roots brought up half of the pavement.

These trees were centimetres from crashing through people's windows.

This used to be a popular seating area and picnic site.

Trying to clean up the mess.

Schools closed for two days. This was a basketball court near my school.

My way down from school.

This used to be a clear path; now it is an obstacle course.

Queueing up to jump trees to get home.

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The waiting is the worst

by greatgrandmaR

I guess you will have experienced some bad hurricanes in the US. This was the second big typhoon we have been through. It was very very scary. Glad it is over.

by irenevt

So glad you are okay. It looks terrible. Much sympathy to you and yours.

by Beausoleil

Thank you, Sally. It was certainly an experience we are not ever eager to repeat.

by irenevt

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