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The Sunny Caribbean Sea.

A Trip to Playa Ancon.


We loved our delicious breakfasts in Trinidad and we loved the terrace outside our room. We spent some very relaxing times just chilling out here.

Evenings on our lovely terrace.

A spectacular breakfast on the terrace.

Rocking on the terrace.

On our last full day in Trinidad, we decided to go to Playa Ancon. Playa Ancon is a beach about twelve kilometers south of Trinidad, which has a beautiful long stretch of silvery, white sand. We got there by taking the hop-on hop-off double decker bus. Well, it calls itself hop-on hop-off, but it is not really as when you return from Playa Ancon, the driver takes the ticket off you. Buses are not that frequent so if you travel to Playa Ancon this way, you must time your day correctly . It is also possible to get there by taxi or shared taxi.

The journey out to Playa Ancon took around twenty minutes and passed some attractive scenery on route. Our big red double decker bus looked so out of place in this environment and was not really suited to the terrain. At one point on the journey back I thought we were going to overturn, but luckily we did not.

Scenery on the way to Playa Ancon.

Scenery on the way to Playa Ancon.

Scenery on the way to Playa Ancon.

Scenery on the way to Playa Ancon.

At the beach we paid for a sun-lounger and umbrella. The scenery was lovely and the beach was beautiful. We enjoyed swimming here, though the water was a bit murky and there were an awful lot of boats. We had to constantly be careful to keep out of their way.

Playa Ancon.

Playa Ancon.

Playa Ancon.

Playa Ancon.

My husband was not impressed by the bar at the beach. It did many kinds of cocktails but no beers. He gave it the thumbs down.

What good is a bar without beer?

The hop on hop off bus.

The journey on the hop-on hop-off bus was not too bad on the way there and we had a nice driver. The driver on the way back was very much in a bad mood. This was reflected in his driving. This was when we were suddenly thrown from side to side so violently that I almost ended up on the floor and my husband almost went over the edge of the open top - not a lot of fun, amazing that we did not overturn. After that experience when we got back to Trinidad, we needed a drink so we went to the Casa de la Cerveza, House of Beer. It was an interesting place to look at. It had a beer map of the world, listing the most popular beers in various countries. We were interested in that and spent a long time perusing it, but did not agree with all their choices. When we ordered a drink, we expected to be overwhelmed with beer choices, but we were offered cristal or buchaneero, just the same as everywhere else. Oh well, they are both good enough beers.

Casa de la Cerveza,

Beer map of the world.

Some examples of the most popular beers.

Some examples of the most popular beers.

Casa de la Cerveza,

After our drink we headed back to the centre of the old town to look for somewhere to eat. We chanced upon a beautiful looking building covered with lovely blue tiles. It was called El Jigue. This is a state run restaurant. Food prices were cheap here. There were no drinks listed on the menu and I feel we were slightly overcharged for them. Again, no skin off our nose, the amount we felt we had been overcharged was removed from the tip. My chicken here was nice. My husband was a bit underwhelmed with his tunafish pizza. During the meal we were befriended by the restaurant cat. I love cats, so was perfectly happy with that and it enjoyed some of my chicken and hubbie's tuna. The live music during the meal was very good yet again - Cuba excels at music. El Jigue Restaurant had a rather odd toilet sign - boxers for men and knickers for women. We ended our meal with two wonderful coffees with rum. After dinner we returned to the Plaza Major internet steps for some wifi before returning home. We left Trinidad the next day. We were sad to go, as we had really loved our stay here in this wonderful old town.

Restaurant El jigue.

Restaurant El jigue.

Restaurant El jigue.

Restaurant El jigue.

Restaurant cat.

Restaurant El jigue. Toilet sign.

Internet Square.

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A bar without beer?? How silly. Did you get to try conch while you were there? I've had it in Haiti and it's really good. You can get it pickled too. I love the breakfasts in the Caribbean . . . no beans and tomatoes there; just delicious fruits. Your trip sounds like fun.

by Beausoleil

Hi Sally, thanks for visiting. No I have never tried conch. I do eat seafood but I'm wary of it after suffering a massive allergic reaction to scallops. Currently very scary where I am. Hong Kong is being battered by a massive number ten typhoon.

by irenevt

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